Iron Pact Ring

IMG_0749.JPG The Iron Pact Rings were forged in dragon fire on troll-made anvils, as weapons against the corruption of Symbaroum. To these rings the Elder Folk bound the last remnants of the Pure Magic, before that too was corrupted. According the legend, these rings were carried by the elders of the Iron Pact in the last battle against the darkness of Symbaroum.

Now the dragons ae gone, the trolls brutalized and not even all elves are behind the Iron Pact. The rings were never numerous, and now they’re even rarer still.

Corruption Shield The ring protects the bearer from corruptive surroundings and attacks. Not from own actions. Free action.

Dream Message Once during each night’s sleep the bearer can send a dream message to someone else wearing an Iron Pact ring. They need not have met, but must be aware the receiver exists. The message appears as a slideshow of immages. Interpretation is up to the receiver. Free action. No corruption.

The Ring’s Law. The ring punishes oathbreakers. The wearer receives physical damage from all corruption he willingly accepts. Each pont of corruption deals 1d4 points of physical damage to Toughness.

Iron Pact Ring

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